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Napoleon Area Schools Local Professional Development Committee (LPDC)

In 1996, the General Assembly passed Senate Bill 230, authorizing the establishment of Local Professional Development Committees (LPDCs). Such committees were to be established in every school district and chartered non-public school by September 1998. The purpose of the committee is to review the course work and other professional activities proposed and completed by educators within the district to determine if the requirements for renewal of certificates or licenses have been met.

Based on the Local Professional Development Committee's review, the Ohio Department of Education will continue to issue teaching licenses, and the licenses will be valid across the state.

The Napoleon Area Schools LPDC has developed procedures for reviewing professional development. Each educator will have the responsibility to:

  1. Develop and implement a professional development plan,
  2. Document the professional development and maintain a record of such work, and
  3. Follow renewal procedures and timelines

This directive asks you to take responsibility for your own growth by creating a plan and engaging in relevant professional development.

This document was written in response to Senate Bill 230. It is hoped that it will help you meet your individual needs as you accept the responsibility for your own professional development. These policies and procedures will serve as guidelines as you establish your goals for meaningful professional improvement.

Physical therapists, school social workers, audiologists, speech-language pathologists, school nurses, and occupational therapists are required to maintain licensure through another professional board in that area. In order to renew Department of Education licenses, these educators must maintain their other board license. By doing so, they meet all Department of Educational renewal requirements and therefore do not need to work through the LPDC. 


To fill in a LPDC form, click View, then Edit Document.  Use the TAB key (not the enter key) to navigate through the form.


LPDC Handbook

Individualized Professional Development Plan

Activity Proposal

Activity Verification

Activity Verification Log  (To be used as documentation for the Activity Verification form)

Appeal Form