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Section 3 - Profile


Areas to address in the Profile:  DO NOT COPY and PASTE the ETR information.  This is helpful information that may include some information from the ETR but not a copy and paste statement


  • Examples: Most recent OST results, Alternate Assessments, RIMP-Interventions,  Intervention strategies, other relevant information that important for a teacher to know about the student's background that will assist with knowing the student and any needs due to their disability that impacts learning and coping in the school environment.

Classroom Performance

  • What does the student do well? (Complete what applies.)
  • Examples: Works well in a group, volunteers in class, avid reader, academic strengths

Areas of Struggle/Need

  • Behavior plan/needs if goal in IEP 
  • Examples: Struggles in large group, doesn’t ask for help, difficulty following directions, need frequent sensory breaks when overwhelmed, academic struggles, behavior struggles

Successful strategies

  • Examples: Schedule change, ask student if they need help, repeating/restate directions, graphic organizers

Parent Information

  • Examples: Information from Parent survey or during meeting to add.

Student Information-age applicable

  • Examples: Information from Student survey

Areas not addressed in this IEP from ETR and Reason why:

  • Example:  Not addressing fluency concerns from ETR due to student performing at grade level as indicated through progress monitoring. Student fluency is recorded (10/20/2019) at ____ WPM -Words per minute which is higher than standard for grade 3. Focus will be on Comprehension and Vocabulary.
  • Example:  All areas in ETR are addressed in the IEP.

IF student has section 5 Transition in place for age and not addressing Independent Living section:  Include a statement of why the IEP Transition section will not be addressing Independent living area.

  • Example:  Independent living area of transition section in IEP will not be addressed as per parent survey "student name" has been  assisting around the house with chores, fixes meals, cleans his own room and helps to do laundry.  He also saves money earned in the summer from mowing lawns to buy things he wants or even things he needs. etc. etc.