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Section 15 - Signatures for Consent

Consent  Signature Page

Please make sure to have the parent fill in the bubble and sign in the appropriate section:

  • Initial IEP

  • Annual Review (Not a change in placement), or

  • Annual Review (Change in placement)

If other options on this page may be needed contact the Director of Student Services to assist at the meeting.


Send a copy of the IEP home with the parent at the conclusion of the meeting after any necessary revisions have been made, and mark the bubble to indicate that the parents were given a copy.  If emaiing the IEP and PR01  and other documents make sure the date it is emailed is listed.

  • If you are unable to send a copy home at the meeting, mark "No" then write down the date when it will be sent home (generally within the next day or two.

  • Make sure to choose the way procedural safeguards were given on IEP with dropdown in IEP anywhere and indicate it was given this way the date you did it if NO was chosen. (If sent prior to parent in email with DRAFT IEP write the date of the email to document.)


TRANSFER OF RIGHTS AT AGE OF MAJORITY – do this during the IEP where the child will turn 17 within the course of the IEP dates. 

By the child's 17th birthday, the child and the child's parents or surrogate parent received

 a copy of their procedural safeguards notice informing them that the transfer of procedural 

safeguard rights under IDEA will take place on the child's 18th birthday.


  • Get both the student’s and parent’s signatures for this area.

  • If uncertain if this was completed at a previous meeting check previous IEP or check with Director of Student Services.