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Section 12 - Testing


Is the child participating in Alternate Assessment?           READ CLOSELY with NEW materials as of 10/2020

  • Only a small population of our students will qualify to participate in the AASCD  

    • To determine if Alternate Assessment can be considered the Alternate Assessment Participation Decision-Making Tool must be completed by the team with a trained teacher or the Director of Student Services. NEW

    • Alternate Assessment Participation Decision-Making Tool - Make sure to list the Core Team members who completed this form together.  Make sure to ATTACH this to the IEP to turn in to Student Services Secretary. NEW

  • If the student is going to take the standard statewide assessment, mark No in the bubble

  • If the answer is yes, mark the Yes bubble and click the button "add Ohio AASCD Participation Criteria"

    • this will generate an additional section to be reviewed and signed by the team * Note this is still required for now 12/2020 along with the AACD Participation Decision Making Tool 

  • If yes, be sure to include the justification statement of why the AASCD was deemed appropriate for the student


Will the child participate in district wide and state wide assessments with accommodations?

  • If the answer is yes to either of those questions, mark Yes in the bubble

  • In the accommodations table, please be sure to differentiate between accommodations for district assessments vs. state assessments and also include assessment titles wherever possible

  • District assessments could include STAR 360 or other screeners, CoGAT (2nd grade and 6th grade), IOWA (2nd grade and 6th grade), ACT,or any other gifted assessments that are administered to an entire grade level

  • If accommodation for Reading make sure to following the most current guidelines from ODE.

Remember: Any accommodations listed in section 12 should ALSO be listed in section 7 and are used consistently throughout the school year due to the need for the student.  Do NOT provide an accommodation on testing that students do not typically use.