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Section 11 - Least Restrictive Environment

Least Restrictive Environment

Team must determine placement in LRE based on where the student can receive services and amount of services needed to meet the student's needs.  Team must always consider the general education setting first and keep the student as close to this as possible and still provide for the needs of the student.

Outcome Dropdown

  • Use the dropdown menu to select the appropriate outcome code - this does not show up when the IEP is printed, but it is required because it populates into the EMIS page

  • The code selected will indicate the amount of time the students spends in a Special Education setting, outside of the regular classroom (see "Calculating LRE" below for guidance and if uncertain check with your administrator)


Does this child attend the school he/she would attend if not disabled?

  • If no, justify:

    • Ex: Student needs functional vocational skills that are offered by a county-wide program with modified functional curriculum and opportunity for community practice.


Does this child receive all special education services with non-disabled peers?

  • If no, justify:

    • Why does the child receive self-contained or pull-out services? 

    • Describe the environment(s), not the geographical location, in which the student will receive his special education services and why the student is receiving these services in this environment

    • Compare to typical peers

    • Ex: Student does not receive all of his services with typical peers due to the intensity of behaviors disrupting the instruction of self and others. He comes to the resource room to limit distractions for testing.

    • Ex: The entire academic curriculum has been significantly modified from that of the general education curriculum due to the student’s multiple disabilities. Teachers and paraprofessionals will provide services in a special education classroom, where small size provides the opportunity for the delivery of direct instruction and practice of functional and daily living skills in the classroom and application in the community through a modified curriculum that is aligned with the Ohio Academic Content Standards Extended.Student needs intense supports both physically and academically in order to progress in the curriculum and throughout the day.

    • Preschool: check no anytime a student is pulled out and explain why he is pulled out

      • Goes to therapy room/designed location (PT, OT, APE,Speech) to limit distractions


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