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Section 1 - Future Planning


Information for this section may be gathered prior to the meeting through a survey either paper or through a phone conference. 

Make sure to adjust at the meeting if parents change their mind or want it worded differently.


  • Include the parent/guardian's goals for the student these can be short term or long term

  • Do not include strengths, weaknesses,  only parent and student goals (where appropriate)

  • Parents can include academics and/or social behavioral

  • Younger students -

    • Read at grade level, make more friends, learn to share, follows directions, make progress toward…, etc.

  • Older students -

    • Get on honor role,  enjoy school more,   attend Four County, graduate and go to college, etc.

  • Address the student/family with respect; help identify steps to the larger goal if the goals are set very high.   

All of this can help with Transition planning process.