NAS Cafeteria update

October 10, 2022

Napoleon Area Schools Cafeteria Update:

The new school year is off to a great start and many families have completed a free and reduced lunch application. All applications have been processed and determination letters have been emailed to a parent on three different occasions.  Several families have even completed the application online at  We appreciate those families who have taken the time to do that. 

There are still families who have not filled out a free and reduced lunch application. If your student was eligible for free and reduced lunches last school year, the 30 day-carryover into this school year has expired. Now is the time to complete a free and reduced lunch application if you are struggling to pay for your students' lunch fees.  Paper applications can be picked up in the Elementary and High School offices.

Below are some facts on the operation of Napoleon Area Schools cafeterias as we come back to a more normal cafeteria experience:

  1. No child is denied a Type A lunch at Napoleon Area Schools. The type A meal costs $3.00 which includes the entree, a choice of fruit, a choice of vegetable, and a choice of milk.  Every child eats daily even if there is no money on their account.  A student can get a type A lunch, but no extra items will be given to anyone without money in the account (i.e., a la carte, extra entree, extra milk, beverages).
  2. Students who pack a lunch still need money in their account to purchase milk or any a la carte items. A student milk is $.60.
  3. The Jr/Sr High School cafeteria has a Subway option which is also considered a Type A lunch.  The cost of Subway, Type A lunch is $4.50. If a student would like a second 6” sub, then they must have money to purchase it.
  4. Negative balance notices are sent to the parent’s email address.  Any student with more than a $0.10 negative balance will receive an email. If you have not received these emails, please check your spam folder as these notices are sent on a regular basis. Please submit any monies via cash, check, or our online platform to update your student's account.
  5. The NAS cafeteria is self-supporting and no general fund monies are used for the cafeteria operations.
  6. PaySchools is the third party vendor for online payments for your child’s lunch account. To add money on your child’s lunch account, go to Please note that monies added to your child's lunch account may not show up until the next business day.

If you have any questions or concerns about your student’s lunch account or cafeteria experience, please call Jennifer Conner at 419-599-7015.  NAS is always happy to help.

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