NJSHS Drop Off / Pick Up Day

The date of Friday, May 15, 2020 will be for student materials drop off or pick up.  Currently, any items left behind by students are being removed from lockers. Upon arrival, please park in the front visitor lot.  Procedurally, a single parent or student will enter the main concourse doors (front school doors) at the designated time. Enter only the high school gym, as all other areas of the building will be locked and unaccessible. District owned materials will be dropped off at the appropriately labeled grade level table on the east gym deck (i.e. textbooks, library books, band instruments, etc.). If you believe you left something in an academic or athletic locker, the items will be contained within a labelled plastic bag.  The student’s name and locker number will be on the plastic bag.  Please take your items as identified on the grade level pick up table and exit.  By following the established route, it creates a one way traffic pattern. In addition, seniors who participated in art classes will have their projects and pieces of artwork available as well. They will be on a specific table. 


Individuals who enter the building should use appropriate self-distancing practices. We encourage the use of masks, handkerchiefs, or some other type of cotton/cloth material to cover one’s nose and mouth.  The use of gloves would be wise. If a parent has students in multiple graded levels, they should plan on arriving at the time slotted for the oldest child. The designated hourly time periods are as follows:  8-9am - 7th grade; 9-10am - 8th grade; 10-11am - 9th grade; 11-12pm - 10th grade; 1-2pm - 11th grade; 2-3pm - 12th grade; and 3-4pm - Anyone who missed a time slot due to a conflict. The format is self-service.  As a means to maintain the appropriate self-distancing practices, very few staff members, if any, will be available to assist during the drop off and pick up process.

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