Facilities Project Update Page

July 25, 2013

Phase I Timeline


March 20, 2013

High School/Jr. High
First Floor Second Floor
PreK-6 Building
Overall Site Plan

December 11, 2012


PreK-6 Floor Plan

Jr./Sr. High First Floor Plan

Jr./Sr. High Second Floor Plan

October 1, 2012


Option A
Option A 1st Floor Option A 2nd Floor
Option B
Option B 1st Floor Option B 2nd Floor

September 19, 2012


Please let us know what you think of these designs at nascsfacilities@napoleonareaschools.org.

March 12, 2012


The Napoleon Area City School’s communities have voted to create new school facilities. The new facilities entail remodeling/reprogramming Napoleon High School, adding a 7th/8th grade Junior High on to the High School, and constructing a new PreK-6th grade elementary school.

Current Activities

District leadership is finalizing financing of the project; meeting with the Ohio School Facilities Commission, architect, and construction manager to finalize the facilities Program of Requirements; and, developing a timeline for design ensuring ample input from community, staff and students.

Next Step(s)

Upon the completion of the Program of Requirements, the conceptual design phase is undertaken. At this stage, community, staff, and student input is used to develop the conceptual design of the three buildings (High School, Junior High School Addition, and the Elementary School). Following the conceptual design phase, actual building plans will be developed for further community, staff and student input.


Facilities Project - May 16, 2012 Presentation