Proposal for Student Drug Testing

Please select for draft of NAS student drug testing policy

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The Napoleon Area City Schools Board of Education has approved the superintendent investigating the implementation of a student drug testing program. Such a program would provide drug/alcohol testing to grade 7-12 students participating in extra-curricular activities sponsored by the district (such as sports and clubs). To ensure the superintendent has ample input from students, parents, community and coaches, the following steps have been put into place:

  1. Dr. Fogo, the superintendent, will meet with all grade 7-12 students over the week of March 5th – March 16th. Students will be asked to offer their view of drug testing and how a drug testing program would actually be conducted.
  2. Dr. Fogo will hold a public forum on Monday, March 12, 2018, at 7:00 pm in the Jr/Sr High Cafeteria to gather input from parents, students and interested community members.
  3. All head coaches/club advisors will be contacted and their input requested.
  4. A dedicated page and Q&A will be posted on the district’s website. Included will be a link to provide comments, questions or concerns. The Q&A page will be updated with questions as received.


March – Gather input from the students, parents, staff and community.

April – Post a draft Student Drug Testing program outline on the district website and present to the Board of Education for addition refinement.

May – Present a finalized draft of a Student Drug Testing progam to the Board of Education to determine if such a program should be implemented in the 2018-19 School Year.

Student Drug Testing


-If the district starts a student drug testing, is every student at the Jr/Sr High going to be tested?

            No, students’ have a right to attend a public school without being drug tested. Students participation in extra-curricular activities, such as sports or clubs, is considered a privilege under law and, therefore, the district could mandate drug testing as a requirement for student to participate.

-What drugs would be tested?

            Part of the public input will determine the specific testing that is done. Generally, students in other districts currently testing are tested for opioids, cocaine, methamphetamines, marijuana and alcohol.

-What if a student takes prescribed medications and consequently fails a drug test?

            Students taking medications prescribed by a licensed physician would simply need to show the athletic department the prescription bottle or provide a note from the physician explaining what medications have been prescribed. It should be pointed out that the district nurse should already have this information as the schools and coaches/club advisors would need to know if there are side-affects that they would need to prepare for in case of an emergency.

-Why is the district even discussing this?

            The district, in its service to boys and girls, is facing the every-increasing collateral damage from opioid use in the county. District administration, teachers and counselors are called on almost weekly to assist with students who have witnessed a parent or family friend suffer from the effects of drugs. It is time to provide students with another reason to say “No” to drugs. Student drug testing might also help the district identify students who are using illegal drugs/alcohol so that the students can get help.

-If only students participating in extra-curricular activities get tested, how does this help students not participating.

            Legally, there is no way for a district to ‘force’ all students to drug test. The district would, however, offer drug testing on parental consent. This means that if a parent of a student not participating in extra-curricular has a concern, the parent may consent in writing to have the student tested and the results provided to the parent.


For additional questions or comments please contact Dr. Fogo at