Section 14 - Meeting Participants

The following people are considered core members of the IEP team and must be invited and included in the meeting:


  • Parent(s)

  • Intervention Specialist

  • General Education Teacher knowledgeable of the curriculum

  • District Representative




If an intervention specialist, general-ed teacher, or district rep cannot attend, an excusal form must be completed and signed by the parent prior to the start of the meeting!  If they want that person at the meeting you need to reschedule the meeting.  Make sure to let them know prior to the meeting.  Make all attempts to make sure the CORE team can be at the meeting.


Other general reminders for participants:

  • Be sure to generate extra boxes for signatures PRIOR to printing the IEP

  • Any core member (listed above) that does not attend the meeting should sign in the bottom section and should also be listed on the excusal form

  • Don't forget to include any related service staff who provided input into the IEP – make sure they sign either during the meeting, prior to meeting at bottom section, or after the meeting.  *** GET ALL SIGNATURES PRIOR to turning in paperwork to your building secretary and Special Education Secretary!!!

  • If the student is (or will be) 14 or older, remember that you must invite the student to the meeting, but his/her attendance is not required

  • If the student is 14 or older, consider inviting outside agencies (if appropriate), such as OOD. Just BE SURE to notify the parents in advance, and ask for their permission for these people to attend.