Section 9 -

In what ways will the child have the opportunity to participate in nonacademic/extracurricular activities with his/her non-disabled peers?


  • Example: Student will have full access to participate in nonacademic/extracurricular activities in his home district or the district of attendance (if different) to the same extent as his non-disabled peers. He will be held to the same requirement standards as his non-disabled peers, including state academic requirements required to participate in team athletics.

  • Preschool:

    • You may type "N/A"

    • Public schools do not provide extra-curricular activities (before/after school programming) for preschool-aged children

    • This IEP does not inhibit or prevent parents/guardians from putting their child into dance lessons, soccer, t-ball, etc.


If the child will not participate in non-academic/extracurricular activities, explain.

  • If student does not participate in nonacademic/extracurricular activities, it is due to student and/or parent choice.