Section 6 - Measurable Annual Goals

Present Levels of Performance

  •  See printable checklist.

  • Be sure to include concrete data(baseline data for the IEP that connects with the goal)

  • Include language about how the disability has an effect on making progress in the general curriculum

    • Compare to typical peers, and how this skill is a foundation to help close the gap

Do not cut and paste all of the assessment data found in the ETR. Only include relevant academic or behavioral information that may have an impact on the student’s academic and/or functional performance. Keep in mind that the language must be understandable to parents and all team members involved.  It is more important to share the current assessment information that aligns with the assessment in the ETR. 

See present levels of performance checklist.


 Measurable Goals and Objectives

  • All goals included should have a direct relationship to needs identified in ETR or most recent evaluation data

* Guidance in drop down on IEP Anywhere guidance for a  SMART goal – 

Specific- focused on what will help the student have the most access to the general curriculum, 

Measurable- how will you collect data and know the student is making progress, 

Attainable within a year, 

Realistic for the student, 

Timely for the student's needs.

  • Goals and objectives should follow this format:

    • Who? Will do what?  To what level and degree? Under what conditions? In what length of time? How will progress be measured?


  • Remember to include a behavior goal if you marked it as a special factor or if the student is ED

  • Remember to include an adaptive behavior goal if the student is qualified as Intellectually Disabled (use to be CD)

  • Do NOT use names of specific curricular tools or programs, try to keep goals more universal


 Methods for measuring child's progress:

  • Descriptions of progress measurement tools (curriculm based assessment, portfolios, etc.)

  • Be careful about using "observation" or "anecdotal records" - observations should include a written narrative of what was observed

    • DOCUMENT with descriptions of progress measurements tools here


Resources for Section 6 to be posted.


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