Section 5 - Post Secondary Transition

This section MUST be included if the child will turn 14 during the cycle of the IEP (otherwise you can skip it)

In Ohio, all elements for secondary transition planning must be included within the IEP that is in effect when the child turns 14. The IEP transition plan elements can be completed before age 14 if the IEP team determines it to be necessary for the student. 

When preparing for the meeting at which this IEP will be drafted, school personnel must • Invite the student 

• There is no exception to this requirement. In fact, the student must be invited to every IEP meeting when secondary transition is discussed, regardless of age and disability category. 

The district must notify the parents of the following: 

  • The purpose of the meeting will be the consideration of the postsecondary goals and transition services for the child; 

  • The district has invited the child to attend the meeting; and 

  • Any other agency representative that will be invited. 

Age Appropriate Transition Assessments (AATA)

  • Include at least two AATA's (one of which should always be completed by the student)

  • The assessment can be as simple as a student interest survey, or it can be more involved

At a minimum, the IEP must include at least one transition service that addresses each postsecondary goal. 

The type of evidence that will be used to indicate the transition service has been completed must be indicated. 

The anticipated target date on which the student will graduate is entered at the end of Section 5. The student’s graduation date is based upon the specific needs of the student not based on the age of the student. 


Writing the IEP section 5 goals

  • In the IEP, be sure to include the following which is populated in the drop down box in IEP Anywhere to use for each transition section:** ALL staff must use this format for IEPs.


__(student name)_____was assessed  with(  Name of assessment or assessments) and teacher observation.

Assessment was given by Intervention Specialist or (title of other  teacher who completed it with the student or parent )_________________________ on _________DATE – new with each IEP________________.

  • Results from the Assessment Summary :

  • Strengths

  • Parent (P)

  • Student (S):  

  • Teacher (T):  

  • Preferences

  • Parent (P):

  • Student (S):  

  • Teacher (T):  .  

  • Interests

  • Parent (P):

  • Student (S) 

  • Teacher (T). 

  • Needs

  • Parent (P)

  • Student (S):  

  • Teacher (T) .  

  • Other comments from assessment:


  • Remember, the goals you write in section 5 are addressing things that occur after graduation and the activities

  • If no independent living goal is needed, must state that in the profile with justification

Resources for transition assessments:


**  Three items to place on same page to link to items.


  1.  Transition Survey

  2. ODE materials for  Transition Links page

  3. OOD information