Section 3 - Profile


See bank with drop down for profile areas to address in IEP Anywhere


Examples: Most recent OST results, RIMP-Interventions,  Intervention strategies,

Classroom Performance

What does the student do well? (Complete what applies.)

Examples: Works well in a group, volunteers in class, avid reader, academic strengths

Areas of Struggle/Need

Behavior plan/needs if goal in IEP 

Examples: Struggles in large group, doesn’t ask for help, difficulty following directions, need frequent sensory breaks when overwhelmed, academic struggles, behavior struggles

Successful strategies

Examples: Schedule change, ask student if they need help, repeating/restate directions, graphic organizers

Parent Information

Examples: Information from Parent survey or during meeting to add.

Student Information-age applicable

Examples: Information from Student survey

Areas not addressed in this IEP from ETR and Reason why:

Example:  Not addressing fluency concerns from ETR due to student performing at grade level as indicated through progress monitoring. Student fluency is recorded (10/20/2019) at ____ WPM -Words per minute which is higher than standard for grade 3. Focus will be on Comprehension and Vocabulary.