Board Of Education

Michael J. Wesche
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Title: Member

First Year On Board... 1986

Current Term Expires... 2023

Occupation... Lawyer (Retired)

I received my elementary and high-school education in Napoleon, which well prepared me for another eight years of college and graduate/professional education.  My experiences demonstrated to me the enduring value of a quality education - both personally and professionally.  Serving as a member of our board of education was, and continues to be, a call for me to provide quality educational opportunities for the young people of our school district, including my own children.

With the assistance and direction of capable and dedicated staff, within a quality campus and facilities generously provided by our taxpayers, and with an emphasis on providing the finest technology available for our students, I am most proud of the educational opportunities that we have provided, and continue to provide, for our students - both inside and outside the classroom.